Keeping everyone safe

Since the COVID-19 pandemic first became prevalent in the United States, Murdo Family Foods has made safety our top priority. We have implemented the following procedures to help keep you, and our staff, safe.

Strict sanitization schedule: Any surface that our customers may come into contact with is being sanitized regularly throughout the day. These include the carts, baskets, door handles, credit card terminals, etc. Sanitizing wipes are also available for you when you walk in.

Practicing social distancing: Floor markings have been placed at the checkout lines to ensure we stay six-feet apart, additionally we encourage everyone maintains six-feet's distance when possible while shopping. Plexiglass dividers have also been placed at the cash registers.

An emphasis on staying home if any of our employees are feeling ill, and we ask all customers to do that same.

Contact-free curbside pickup may be arranged by calling 605-669-2250 or emailing

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